Tervuren 4 x 4

Tervuren 4 x 4 refers symbolically to the off road landscape of Tervuren, hence 4 X 4. The 4 x 4 stands also for 4 x Winds, 4 x Districts, 4 x Seasons, 4 x Elements. Most of those places cannot be reached by ordinary car and sometimes not even by a 4 x 4. Obviously the theme here is the nature of Tervuren that preferably should be explored on foot. Then one gets to see the same views and landscapes as the photographer sees it with his own eyes. This series could be seen as an invitation to go and walk those places to experience the same ‘local’ highlights of nature.

 Although man is not physically pictured in any of those images, indirectly a very dominating human presence is immediately felt. Without human interference none of these images would have looked the same way. There are roads, farmlands, planted trees, man-made objects, man-made ponds and an overall designed landscape in general.