I work around specific photographic themes:

  • People: Portraits, Encounters, Nudes
  • The Arts: Concerts, Dances, Street Art
  • Nature: Landscapes, Fauna & Flora
  • Journeys: Travels, Documentary, Editorial
  • Experiments: Nocturnal light, Artificial light, Reflections, Screens
  • Heritage: Industrial, Cultural
  • Compositions: Geometry, Architecture, Abstracts
  • Contemporary: Street Life and Urban Settings


I can shoot on location or in my photo studio.

I dispose over a fully equipped Photo Studio with dedicated lights and shooting accessories. The studio is mostly used for portraits and/or artistic shots with artificial lighting. I dispose over a wide variety of shooting aids: Softboxes, Studio Flashes and Lights, backdrops in various colours and reflective screens and other accessories.

Post Production work

Image Correction and Optimization Image Corrections usually relate to stains, dots, scratches, or perspective or chromatic distortions related to lenses characteristics and/or sensor faults or imperfections in photosensitive film. Image Optimization is related to light and color conditions such as exposure, luminance, white balance, contrast, saturation, dynamic range, sharpness, vignetting, chromatic aberration, grain effects etc.