Decorative images for meeting rooms and halls at Konings NV 2018

Konings is a Co-packer based in Zonhoven, Belgium with a annual turnover of more than € 250 million. Due to its rapid expansion we were asked to provide decorative images for their new offices and state-of-the-art meeting rooms. The images had to be work related, not an easy task for an industrial facility with extensive mechanical production lines for filling beverages in glass and plastic bottles, cans, cardboard packaging etc.

But then with ‘Beauty Resides Everywhere’ being my motto I committed myself to the job at hand in search for hidden gems. Being an multinational company with facilities all over Europe we gathered images from various plants in Belgium, the Netherlands, England and came up with some aesthetic and minimalist results that since decorate their premises of this proud client. Check the Konings section under Works / Abstracts.